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Disposable Medical Protective Clothing

Cover-All Medical Protective Clothing

Size: 160-190cm (xs, s, m, l, xl)

Material: /FabricComposite nonwoven (has good permeability and barrier)

Structure: Jumpsuit structure, consists of a hooded top and trousers.

Scope of application: Suitable for clinical staff to provide barrier & protection in the work environment 

Characteristics: This product can effectively resist the penetration of bacteria, viruses, alcohol, blood, body fluids, air dust particles, can effectively protect the wearer from the threat of infection. 

COVER-All Protective Clothing

65gsm Non-Sterile Medical Isolation Gloves

60 gsm non-sterile, waterproof Medical isolation gown

30 gsm non-sterile waterproof Medical isolation gown

30gsm Non-Sterile Medical Isolation Gown
50gsm Sterile Medical Isolaton Gown

50gsm sterile, waterproof Medical isolation gown

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