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4D Ultrasound

Vinno E35 4D Ultrasound


Detect the IMT within 0.1mm

Highly sensitive blood flow within 1cm/s

Highly sensitive blood flow within 1cm
Detect the IMT within 0.1mm

Advanced Imaging Technologies

V Fusion

Compounding technology combined with RF platform, VFusion helps to improve the image information, enhances contrast resolution and reduces noise.

Vinno E35 VFusion Graphic

V Speckle

Thanks to VINNO RF platform, VSpeckle can adaptively enhance contrast and reduce speckle, haze and other artifacts.

E35 V Speckle

V Tissue

Thanks to RF data, sound speed is automatically matched to enhance certain tissues, such as breast and tendons.

E35 V Tissue

Easy Compare

Powerful method to compare exams at different times, patients and with different probes..

E35 Easy Compare Function

Auto Follicle

Calculate the size in 2D and volumes in 3D.

E35 Auto Follicle Function


Fully articulating 19-inch high resolution LCD screen

Touch Panel

Smart, muti gesture and highly sensitive 10 inch capacity touch screen

E35 Touch Panel

Probe Interface

3 (active) + 1 (docking) probe connectors

E35 Unique Design


Vinno E35 Sample Images
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