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ECG 12-Channels





Recording and data printing

80mm x 20mm Roll Paper or Z- FOld Paper

Built-in thermal printer

Recording Format

Built-in printer: 3x4, 3x4+1R, 1x12+1R
Exeternal Printer: 3x4, 3x4+1R, 3x4+3R, 6x2, 6x2+1R, 12x1, 12x1+T

40,000 ECG built-in records with binary image format

Connectable with ftp server for patient data remote-control

Connectable with PC-based ecg management software

unlimited usb data transfer

Recording mode

a.) Default Print: in automatic mode, ECG waveform and analysis report are printed.

b.) One-key manual print: By pressing "print"again, rhythm-lead report is printed manually after the default full information analysis report.

c.) Extendable print: in case arrhythmia occurs, rhythm-lead report is automatically printed after the default full information analysis report.

1/3 channel rhythm lead display

automatic arrythmia detection and printing

122 kinds of arrythmia detection and printing

Support R-R (rhythm) analysis function, including hrv (heart rate variability) analysis

support real-time sampling and pre-sampling. Support synchronous sampling and sequential sampling

pace-maker detection

Ecg diagnosis and review, 600 seconds waveforms review and analysis & print for any 12 leads within 10 seconds

PRODUCT Features


automatic standby and timing on-off function

lithium battery

smart touch screen with slide and multi-finger operate function

ECG 12-Channels

Scanner connectable

smart fuzzy id function

ultra-quick mode battery recharge

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