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Germicidal U.V. Light

Used for disinfection of home, offices, classrooms, and other business facilities

Germicidal UV Light


Supply voltage

~220V / 50Hz


42 x 42 x 119cm




T1A L250V

Germicidal UV Light Controls

Double 30w lamps

One-Button Switch

Timer Function

Dual lamps design

Germicidal UV Light Mult-Angle Adjustment

Multi-Angle Adjustment

  • Multi-Angle Adjustment Double Lamps design

  • Moveable with wider sterilization range

Anti Virus Principle

UV Rays can damage the molecular structure of RNA and DNA, to achieve purpose of sterilization

Germicidal UV Light Anti-virus Principle

Before Irradiation

AFter Irradiation

DNA Strand BreaK

Applicable Scenes

  1. Home

  2. Hospital

  3. Restaurant

  4. School

  5. Office

  6. Gym

  7. and Many More

Germicidal UV Light Applicable Scenes
Germicidal UV Light Warning


Under the condition of direct UV rays of human body. It will cause different degrees of damage and impact on the eyes and skin. During the work of UV lamps, people, animals and plants are forbidden to be present.

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