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Portable Respiratory Support and Monitoring Devices

Oxygen Concentrator

Flowrate: 0-5L/min (single flow), 0-8Lmin (dual flow)

Purity: 93±3%

Power Consumption: <350W / <480W

Working Voltage: AC 220/110V ± 10% 50/60Hz ±1

Noise Level: <40/45dB (single flow), <48dB (double flow)

Dimension: 390 x 337 x 620mm

Net Weight: 21/24kg

Gross Weight: 24/27kg

Standard Function: Over heat alarm, power failure alarm, pressure failure alarm, timing function, working hours dipslay

Optional Function: Low purity alarm, nebulizer function, dual flow, air brush

Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Potable Coninuous Positive Airway Pressure

Portable Continuous positive Airway pressure (CPAP) 

Humidifier Heating Plate: >50cm²

Noise: 28dB

Screen Display: 2.4" color screen

Control Panel: 3-button

Integrated Humidifier: Yes

Portable Nebulizer

Power: 2W, DV 5V, or 2 AA Battery

Working Noise: <50dB

Automized Particles: >0.25ml/Min

Water Proof Rating: IP22

Cup Capacity: 0.5ml~8ml

Rate: >0.2ml/min

Maximum Water Temperature: 50ºC

Automatic Shut Down Function

Size: 4.5 x 4.5. x 10cm

Weight: 90g

Frequency: 120kHz ± 10%

Portable Mesh Nebulizer
Pulse Oximeter

Pulse oximeter

Display Range: Functional Oxygen Saturation(SpO2)0-99%

Pulse Rate(PR): 25-250 bpm

Perfusion Index: (PI)0.075-20%

Accuracy: SpO2 Delared 

Accuracy Range: 70%-100%

SpO2 Accuracy: 2%

PR Declared Accuracy Range: 25-250 bpm

PR Accuray: 3bpm

Measurement ResolutionOxygen Saturation: (SpO2)1%

Pulse Rate(PR)1 bpm     

Power Requirements Specification of Alkaline Batteries: 2 AAA(LR03)

Operating Current: 25-50mA

Operating Mode: Spot checking

Degree of Production Against Hazards of  Explosion: IP22

Size: 57 x 30 x 31mm

Net Weight: 28g

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